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The Resort

Neskowin Resort is a place where the air is always fresh and the seasons are as deeply contrasting as the surroundings of lush forests and long sandy beaches. Step out onto your private deck, taste the fresh ocean air and drink in the panoramic views of Proposal Rock and majestic Cascade Head.


Neskowin Resort is nestled at the north side of Cascade head, 10 miles north of Lincoln City and 30 miles south of Tillamook, in the quiet little beach town of Neskowin, Oregon. Located at the confluence of river and ocean, this spectacular setting is the perfect spot for family vacations, romantic getaways, storm watching or strolling the seven miles of secluded beach.



Neskowin Resort offers private beach access, laundry facilities, a post office, on-site building management, and an easy walk to a store and an award-winning restaurant. Privately owned condos for rent range from studio to two-bedroom/two-bath suites.






Stay away from dead sea lions on the beach. And Keep your dogs away too. Many of the large sea mammals are washing up on the local beaches and they’re infected with leptospirosis, a disease communicable to humans and can be potentially fatal to dogs. The disease is transmitted by bodily fluids, so it’s important to keep your dogs on a leash, especially when these animals are present. For more info check it out here